Bachelor of Arts in Islamic studies (Qur'an and Hadith track)

The Bachelor Program in Islamic Studies aims to develop a distinctive Islamic character with a deep understanding of Islam, based on its principles: (the Holy Quran and the Sunnah), and a personality absorbing the purposes of Islamic Sharia, committed to its proper application and following the example of the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). Meanwhile, the program aims to prepare highly competent human resources capable for handling the responsibilities of teaching, judiciary, Iftaa, Da’wah, public speaking and scientific research. The program has been designed with integrated courses to achieve this goal.

The program comprises of two paths:

  • Fiqh and Hadith
  • Fiqh and Ossoul
Bachelor of Arts in Islamic studies (Qur’an and Hadith track)

Goals of the program

  • Prepare students to engage in contemporary human civilization and openness to the other and enable them to acquire the means of achieving this.
  • Enable students to acquire the qualifications of scientific research.
  • Prepare students to engage into professional life.
  • Prepare students to spread the message of moderation and flexibility in society.

Bachelor program Learning Outcomes / Quraan and Hadith path

After passing this program, students are expected to be able to:

  • Define the concepts and terminologies related to the areas of specialization and have sufficient knowledge of accredited resources and books.
  • Apply their knowledge and develop it.
  • Employ research methods and tools to solve problems.
  • Acquire rhetoric and preaching skills, in a modest approach that takes into account the peculiarities and values of society.
  • Acquire critical thinking skills to analyze ideas and news in order to distinguish between authentic and false ones.
  • Actively engage in the community and contribute to its development through science and good conduct, and establish positive relations with the local and external community via different means.
  • Adopt the Islamic approach in their behavior and pursue the path of Islam in its tolerance and acceptance of others, while maintaining religious and national affiliation.
  • Adapt positively to the professional sphere, achieve self-development and contribute to the management of individual and group work.
  • Deal with the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah scientifically in their comprehension, explanation and application.
  • Develop a wise and balanced reasoning methodology protecting them from extremism and enabling them to distinguish true religion and refute the suspicions rising around it.

First Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
GEE101Texts from Qur'an And Tajweed (1)31
GEE102Texts from Hadith and Sunnah (1)31
GEE105Introduction to Fiqh and Legislation History41
Arabic Language (Grammar and Morphology1)
Arabic Language (Literature) 1
English 1
Total Credit Hours10

Second Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
GEE200Texts from Qur'an And Tajweed (2)51
GEE201Texts from Hadith and Sunnah (2)21
Arabic Language (Grammar and Morphology 2)
Arabic Language (Literature 2)
Computer Skills
English 2
Total Credit Hours7

Third Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Qur'anic Sciences (1)
Hadith Sciences(1)
Islamic Aqidah (Creed)
Arabic Language (Grammar and Morphology 3)
Seerah Nabawiyyah and Al Khilafa Arrashida (Biography of the Prophet and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs)
Natural Sciences
Total Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Qur'anic Sciences(2)
Hadith Sciences(2)
Fiqhul Ibadat (Acts of Worship in Islamic jurisprudence)
Research Methods in Shari'a Sciences
Islamic Jurisprudence for Financial Transactions (1)
Management Systems
Total Credit Hours

Fifth Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Qur'anic Interpretation and Interpreters' Approaches
Jarh and Taadeel (Discrediting and Endorsement of Hadith Narration)
Ossoul Al Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence Fundamentals) (1)
Introduction to Humanities
Rhetoric Science
Principles of Economics
Total Credit Hours

Sixth Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Schools and Denominations of Qur'an Interpretation
Fiqhul Hadith
Ossoul Al Fiqh (Fundamentals of Islamic Jurisprudence) (2)
Islamic Jurisprudence for Financial Transactions (2)
Arabic Language (Grammar And Morphology 4) OR The History of the Sunnah Nabawiyyah (The Prophet's Sunnah)
Modern Mathematics
Total Credit Hours

Seventh Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Subject-based Qura'nic Interpretation
Approaches of Hadith Classification and Authentication (Takhreej) Methods
The History the Maliki Denomination and its Figures
Islamic Philology
The Emirati society and National Identity
Islamic Thought and Civilization OR History of Religions
Total Credit Hours

Eighth Semester

Course CodeCourse TitleCredit HoursUnit
Tafsir Ayat Al Ahkam (Interpretation of Qur’anic Ruling Verses)
Tafsir Ahadeeth Al Ahkam (Interpretation of Ruling Hadiths)
Maqasid Al Shari'a (Objectives of Shari'a )
Qur'anic Miracles and prophetic Rhetoric
Research and Innovation Project
Total Credit Hours

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